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Diplomarbeiten und Dissertationen

Gegenwärtige Diplomarbeiten und Dissertationen

Gregor Pamlitschka, master thesis. “Generation and characterization of CD117 antibody fragments and chimeric antigen receptors for treatment of myeloid malignancies”

Melisa ERKUL, MD diploma thesis. "Functional characterization of CD33-directed CAR T cells”

Johann STRAUSS, MSc thesis. "Immune modulatory effects of statins and PCSK9 inhibitors"

Martin TEMES, MSc thesis. "Generation of a Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) targeting human CD33 (Siglec-3)"

Mag. pharm. Laura GEBETSBERGER, BSc, PhD thesis. "Alternative viral receptors enabling SARS-CoV-2 infection"


Karolin ARMBRECHT, MD diploma thesis. " Effects of a high salt microenvironment onto macrophage differentiation, activation and function"

Dr. med. univ. Alexandra van der Staal (Alexandra PETRE), PhD thesis. "Immune Cell Profiles and Patient Clustering in Complex Cases of Interstitial Lung Disease”


Philipp Brunmayr, MSc thesis. "Generation of CAR-T cells for CD33-directed immunotherapy of acute myeloid leukemia"

Lena WAGNER, master thesis. "Impact of lipid-lowering therapy on immune cell homeostasis and functionality"

Dr. med. univ. Romana Klasinc, PhD thesis. " Characterization of the Toll-like receptor induced NF-κB signaling and uptake of Chlamydia trachomatis"


Lukas TEUSCHL, BSc. thesis. „Immunophenotyping of Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy”


Markus KRALLER, MSc, PhD thesis. "Single molecule FRET reveals enhanced binding lifetime between OT-1 TCR and pMHCI in the presence of CD8"


Sophie KRAUPP, MSc thesis. "The effect of controlled Lck dimerization on human T cell receptor signalling"

Julian POMBERGER, MD diploma thesis. "Signaling mechanisms underlying T cell regulation (The impact of Fyn deficiency onto T cell activation)”


René PLATZER, MSc, PhD thesis. "How Antigen is Presented to Sensitize T cells; a Molecular Imaging Approach"


Paul SPECHTL, MD diploma thesis. "How cytolytic T-cells recognize their targets; establishing a molecular imaging approach"

Thomas DEIMEL, MD diploma thesis. "Effects of extracellular adenosine production by macrophages"


Thomas FORSTER, MD diploma thesis. „The impact of CD4 deficiency onto T cell activation“

Mag. Christian MACHACEK, PhD thesis. "Characterization of the protein microenvironment of the folate receptor beta"


Mag. Alexander ZWIRZITZ, PhD thesis. "Influence of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins on T cell activation"

Ingrid HARTL, BSc., master thesis. "Demonstration of a gene knock out using CRISPR/Cas9 system in the human T cell line Jurkat E6.1"

Mag. Michael REITER, PhD thesis. "Host-Pathogen Interaction of Borrelia spirochetes"

Harneet AUJLA, BSc thesis. "A rational design of a bispecific antibody binding two antigens on a single cell"

Mag. Verena SUPPER (ZOJER), PhD thesis. "Identification and characterization of CD147 interaction partners and signaling proteins in T-cells"

Mag. Andreas MÜLLER, PhD thesis. "Bartonella species in Austria – Cultivation, Screening and Serology"


Mag. Philipp SCHATZLMAIER, PhD thesis. "A novel tool for the rapid isolation and sensitive multiplex analysis of lipid raft components with single cell resolution"


Mag. Karin PFISTERER, PhD thesis. "Spatio-temporal analysis of the Src family kinase Lck during T cell activation"

Clemens DONNER, master thesis. "Intracellular Protein Trafficking as a Regulatory Pathway in Adaptive and Innate Immunity"

Volker HAUCK, MD diploma thesis. "Establishment of NF-κB and cAMP reporter T cell lines and hTERT immortalization of primary T cells"


Rene PLATZER, master thesis. "In Search of APC-Intrinsic Factors Modulating T-cell Antigen Recognition"

Mag. Florian FORSTER, PhD thesis. "Identification and characterization of the interferon inducible large guanosine triphosphatase guanylate binding protein 1 as regulator of T cell activation"

Mag. Paul ECKERSTORFER, PhD thesis. "Spatio-temporal analysis of the Src family kinase Lck during T cell activation"


Anna SALIBA, MD diploma thesis. "Guanylate binding protein-1 in early T cell signaling"


Sebastian BURGSTALLER-MÜHLBACHER, diploma thesis. "Characterization of signalling pathways regulating Foxp3 expression"-

Roland POTH, MD diploma thesis. "Novel ligands of the mannose 6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor in T cell activation".

Alexander ZWIRZITZ, diploma thesis. "A novel interaction partner of plasminogen in regulation of fibrinolysis“


Andrea REITER, diploma thesis. "Analysis of protein tyrosine kinase Lck mutations in early T cell receptor signaling"

Brigitte BINDER, diploma thesis. "The mannose 6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor II receptor in pericellular proteolysis: implications for the latent transforming growth factor-beta activation"

Johannes HAJOS, MD diploma thesis. "Screening for T cell surface proteins involved in Foxp3 expression by monoclonal antibody stimulation"

Philipp SCHATZLMAIER, diploma thesis. "Ig-like glycoprotein CD147 as a nuclear factor in human T and HEK cells"


Martin ACHLEITNER, diploma thesis. "Designed Ankyrin Repeat Proteins (DARPins) for single molecule imaging"


Paul ECKERSTORFER, diploma thesis. "Investigation of transcription factor-mediated regulation of the human Foxp3 promoter"

Mag. Herbert SCHILLER, Dr. scient. med. Ph. D. thesis. "The mannose 6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor in regulation of pericellular proteolysis and cell invasion"

Florian FORSTER, diploma thesis. "Human GBP1 as immunomodulatory protein in T-lymphocyte activation"

Mesküre CAPAN, diploma thesis. "The mannose 6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor-2 receptor (CD222) in regulation of T lymphocyte adhesion"

Verena ZOJER, diploma thesis. "The human Ig-family member CD147 regulates T cell activation"


M.S. Arshad MUHAMMAD, Dr. scient. med. Ph. D. thesis. "Role of CD2 and CD48 in recruitment of signaling molecules to the TCR/CD3 complex in T cells"


Mag. Wolfgang PASTER, Dr. scient. med. Ph. D. thesis. "Genetically encoded conformation-sensitive fluorescence reporters of the Src-family kinase Lck"

Mag. Christa HOLZHAUSER, Dr. scient. med. Ph. D. thesis. “T cell membrane compartmentalization: Molecular analysis of the T cell receptor signaling"


Mag. Birgit RICHTER, Ph. D. thesis. "The role of the CD147 molecule in negative regulation of T cells"

Mag. Panida KHUNKAEWLA, Ph. D. thesis. "Identification and characterization of functional partners of the CD147 molecule"

Maria HINTERBERGER, diploma thesis. The role of glycoprotein CD147 in immunosuppression by human CD4 CD25 regulatory T cells"


Herbert SCHILLER, diploma thesis. "Analysis of immunoregulatory molecules by RNA interference"


Mag. Andreas SZEKERES, Ph. D. thesis. "Identification of monoclonal antibody recognized immuno-modulatory leukocyte surface molecules by retroviral expression cloning"


Mag. Vladimir LEKSA, Ph. D. thesis. "Biochemical and functional analysis of the molecular complex between urokinase receptor (CD87) and mannose 6-phosphate/Insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor (CD222) within glycosphingolipid-enriched microdomains"

Mag. Günther STAFFLER, Ph. D. thesis. "Functional characterization of the T cell activation-associated antigen CD147 in T cell biology"


Mag. Stefan WILLE, Ph. D. thesis. "Molecular cloning of human CDw92, a novel member of the transporter-like protein family, by using a novel retroviral cloning system"


Mag. Robert HÜTTINGER, Ph. D. thesis. "The early biogenesis of human glycolipid-presenting CD1 proteins"

Mag. Samuel GODAR, Ph. D. thesis. "A protein complex integrating activation for both plasminogen and latent transforming growth factor ß1"


Mag. Elisabeth PRAGER, Ph. D. thesis. "A heteropilic ligand of CD31 on T Lymphocytes: Evidence for a regulatory role in T Cell activation"

Günter STAFFLER, diploma thesis. "Strep-Tag-Fusionsproteine zur Identifizierung natürlicher Liganden von Leukozytenoberflächenmolekülen"


Mag. Jan BOHUSLAV, Ph. D. thesis. "Supramolecular organization of the GPI-anchored proteins: reflection in the function of CD87 (urokinase receptor)"


Anton BAUER, diploma thesis. "Immunglobulin-Fusionsproteine zur Identifizierung natürlicher Liganden der Leukozytenoberflächenmoleküle CD1"


Edda FIEBIGER, diploma thesis. "The human leukocyte surface protein CD31: Solubilization, isolation and molecular association studies"

M.S. Watchara KASINRERK, Ph. D. thesis. "Moleucular cloning of human leukocyte surface antigens 3B2 and 132 by one round panning immunoselection using the COS cell expression system"

Mag. Irena STEFANOVA, Ph. D. thesis. "A sudy of the mechanism of leukocyte activation via surface proteins anchored in the membrane by glycophosphatidylinositol"


Christian HENÖCKL, diploma thesis. "Charakterisierung von Oberflächenstrukturen humaner Immunzellen mit Hilfe monoklonaler Antikörper"

Walter SCHREIBER, MD diploma thesis. "Das humane Leukozytenoberflächenmolekül CD31: Zelluläre Verteilung, Epitopstudien und funktionelle Analysen"


Mag. Eva SCHNABL, Ph. D. thesis. "Biochemische und molekularbiologische Charakterisierung des aktivierungsassoziierten Membranproteins LA45"


Eva SCHNABL, diploma thesis. "Einfluss des Ca2 -Signals und der Proteinkinase C auf die Transkription von c-myc und des Interleukin-2 Rezeptors in humanen T-Lymphozyten"